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What evidence-based interventions exist for increasing the uptake of cancer screening? Adsul, P.
The role of public health communication in addressing socioeconomic and residence-based disparities in health risk perceptions of smoking: findings from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey of Ethiopia Bekalu, MA.; Gundersen, DA.; Viswanath, K.
Older women’s views and experiences of mammography screening in relation to aging, health status and healthcare overuse Brotzman LE, Shelton RC, Agovino M, Rodriguez CB, Moise N, Tehranifar P
Using natural language processing to determine predictors of healthy diet and physical activity behavior change in ovarian cancer survivors Crane TE, Culnan J, Sharp R, Wright SJ, Franks G, Klimowski C, Merchant N, Bethard SJ
Characterizing Primary Care Clinician Information Needs and Implementation Strategies to Increase Lung Cancer Screening with Low Dose Computed Tomography Davis SN, Ferrante JM, Tran T, Steinberg MB, Hudson SV, Kinney AY
Stagnating rates of healthcare providers’ recommendation for HPV vaccine in the US adult population Fokom-Domgue J, Yu RK, Shete S.
An Examination of Causal Attributions of Cancer from a Population Health Assessment Fuemmeler BF, Miller CA, Ksinan AJ, Do EK, Morris BB, Fugate-Laus K, Fallavollita WL, Kim SJ, Wheeler DC, Dahman B, Gal TS, Ginder GD
Concordance of HIV self-report and EHR data capture in cancer patients Fuzzell LN, Vadaparampil, ST, Liu, Y., Coghill, AE
Diverse Patients’ Experiences of Recruitment and Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials Ginossar, T., Burgess, E.,  Rodeman, J., Dunn, B., Guest, D.  Sussman, A.
Assessment of precision prevention information for melanoma risk reduction Vadaparampil ST, Doyle S, Kim Y, Sutton S, Del Rio J, Forgas S, Roetzheim R, Kanetsky PA
Ciclovar: Progressing from Research Intervention to Community Adoption Ko LK, Jimenez E, Cisneros O, Bishop S, Ibarra G, Brown EVR, Escareno M, Rillamas-Sun E, Kratz M, Mendoza JA
Decision simulation technology to assess practical application of massage therapists’ (MTs) use of a MT-client helping conversation for skin cancer risk reduction Heslin K, Silva G, Muramoto M, Loescher L
Primary Care Physicians’ Perspectives on Shared Decision Making about Lung Cancer Screening Abubaker-Sharif M, Shusted C, Myers P, Lambert E, and Myers RE
Collecting non-clinical data to address disparities in cancer prevention: Lessons from the field Padamsee TJ
Examining Older Adults’ Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Cancer Screening and Overscreening Roy S, Moss JL, Rodriguez-Colon SM, Shen C, Cooper JD, Lengerich EJ, Adelman A, Curry W, Ruffin MT
The Voices and Experiences of Ethnically Diverse LGBTQ+ Individuals on Cancer Prevention and Screening in Cedars-Sinai Cancer’s Catchment Area in Los Angeles. Ruiz Vazquez, C., Shirazipour, C., Zaldivar, R. , Herrera, E., Hutchison, H., Barosh, L., Haile, R., Surani, Z.
Young adult cancer caregivers’ experiences with cancer-related health misinformation on social media Warner EL, Ellington L, Cloyes KG, Waters A, Kirchhoff AC
Parent and Childhood Cancer Survivor Experiences with and Barriers to HPV Vaccination Austin R. Waters, Karely Mann, Perla Vaca-Lopez, Deanna Kepka, PhD, MPH Yelena Wu, PhD Anne C. Kirchhoff, PhD, MPH
Randomized trial of a web-based personalized breast cancer risk communication and decision support tool on clinical prevention outcomes Wernli KJ, Knerr S, Li T, Leppig K, Ehrlich K, Farrell D, Gao H, Bowles EJA, Graham AL, Luta G, Mandelblatt JS, Schwartz MD, O’Neill SC
Impact of Prostate Cancer Screening on Colorectal Cancer Screening Behavior Intentions: Qualitative Results from Interacting with a Virtual Healthcare Assistant (VHA) Wilson-Howard DS, Wilaro MJ, Griffin LN, Tavassoli F, Zalake MS, Lok BC, Modave FP, Carek PJ, George TJ, Odedina FT, Paskett ED, Krieger JL.
Racial and place-based differences in smoking population attributable risk for lung cancer Aldrich MC, Munro HM, Mumma M, Sanderson M, Blot WJ
Barriers to Cancer Screening among Southwest American Indian Men Living on a Reservation Batai K, Sanderson PR, Hsu CH, Joshweseoma L, Russell D, Joshweseoma L, Burhansstipanov L
Challenges of Sampling for Catchment Cancer Needs Assessment Rhaisili Rosario, Victoria Berges, Geetanjali Kamath, Lina Jandorf, Kezhen Fei, Nina A. Bickell, MD, MPH
Epidemiologic Profiles of Breast Diseases in Grenada Bieber CM, Sheth A, Hage R
Focus Groups with Northern Arizona Navajo Adults: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) related to Helicobactor pylori and stomach cancer Chief, C., Sanderson, P.R., Willeto, A.A.A., Yazzie, A., Harris, R., Monroy, F., & Oren, E.
Continued smoking in African American cancer survivors: The Detroit Research on Cancer Survivors (ROCs) Cohort Malburg C, Fucinari J, Ruterbusch JJ, Ledgerwood DM, Beebe-Dimmer JL, Schwartz AG, Cote ML
Community Partnership Program: A model to build community capacity for addressing the cancer burden in Oregon. Shannon J, Winter-Stone K, Desai N, Varnum M, Wenzel L. O’Gara D
Reducing Cancer Health Disparities by Engaging Underrepresented Researchers (UR) in Cancer Research: The Geographic Management of Cancer Health Disparities Program (GMaP) Region 4: A Survey on Training Priorities Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH; Carrie Norbeck, MPH, CHES
Helicobacter pylori infections in Navajo communities of Northern Arizona Harris RB, Sanderson PR, Chief C, Begay R, Monroy F, Brown HE, Oren E
Disparities in never-smoking lung cancer risk across Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islander female groups within a multilevel integrated dataset of EHR data and cancer registry data DeRouen MC, Thompson C, Canchola AJ, Jin A, Nie S, Shariff-Marco S, Lichtensztajn DY, Daida YG, Wong C, Patel MI, Wakelee HA, Liang SY, Waitzfelder BE, Cheng I, Gomez SL
The Impact of Veterans’ Cancer on State Cancer Incidence Rates Kendall EK, Feng H, Koroukian SM, Zhu H, Abouassaly R, Schumacher FR, Markt SC
Variations in genomic testing across cancer sites and by demographic characteristics Koroukian SM, Dong W, Rose J, Schumacher F, Markt S
Tobacco dependence treatment among heterosexual and sexual minority current smokers Lee M, Salloum RG
An assessment of poverty and cancer survival in a state registry Markt SC, Feng H, Koroukian S, Curtis J, Rose J, Schumacher FR
Cervical cancer screening among primary care patients in an urban public safety net health system Montealegre JR, Parker SL, Zare M, Bulsara S, Escobar B, Chiao EY, Cantor SB, Jibaja-Weiss ML, Hilsenbeck SG, Anderson ML, Scheurer ME
Culturally tailored Colorectal Cancer Screening Health Education: Screen to Save Moseley MY, Diaz-Mendez M, Wong C, Pardo EN, Napoles AM, Nguyen T, Pasick RJ, Rhoads KF
Patient- and County-Level Determinants of Surgical Treatment for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Multilevel SEER-Medicare Analysis Odahowski CL, Alberg AJ, Zhang J, Schootman M, Eberth JM
Neighborhood socioeconomic status and breast cancer subtypes among Black women: findings from the Women’s Circle of Health Study Qin B, Llanos AAM, Babel R, Plascak JJ, Pawlish K, Diez Roux AV, Ambrosone CB, Demissie K, Hong CC, Bandera EV
NCCN Treatment Adherence and Endometrial Cancer Survival: Implications for Racial/Ethnic Disparities Rodriguez, VE; LeBrón AMW; Chang, J; Bristow, RE
Elucidating factors of geographic variation in early-onset colorectal cancer survival among men Rogers CR, Moore JX, Henson A, Qeadan F, Huntington MS,  Holowatyj AN
Recruiting participants to a randomized controlled trial of a diet and physical activity intervention among Latina breast cancer survivors Margarita Santiago-Torres, Amanda Marin-Chollom, Rachel Paul, Kathleene Ulanday, Marisol Castellano, Yanette Fuentes, Zaixing Shi, Pam Koch, Wei-Yann Tsai, Heewon L. Gray, Ann Ogden Gaffney, Katherine Crew, Kevin Kalinsky, Melissa Accordino, Meghna Trivedi, Margaret Chen, Brett Taback, Fernando Camacho, Dawn Hershman, Isobel Contento, Heather Greenlee
Rural-Urban Disparities in Pancreatic Cancer Stage of Diagnosis: Understanding the Interaction with Medically Underserved Areas Segel JE; Hollenbeak CS; Gusani NJ
Comparing trust in sources of cancer health information between Hispanics and Non-Hispanic Whites in the San Diego County Vu H, McDaniels-Davidson C, San Miguel Y, Chagolla P, Nodora J, Patel SP, Martinez ME
Comparing age at cancer diagnosis between Hispanics and non-Hispanic Whites in the United States Vu A, Parada H, Pinheiro P, Thompson C
Smoking Status at Time of Lung Cancer Diagnosis at an Academic Hospital Zeigler-Johnson C, Man L, Keith S, Axelrod R
Examination of Targetable Mutations by Smoking Status Arasada RJ, Carbone DP, BIttoni MB
Cancer Screening Adherence Among African American Cancer Survivors Bock CH, Ruterbusch JJ, Bolton S, Manning M, Pandolfi SS, Baird TE, Beebe-Dimmer JL, Schwartz AG
Economic consequences of increasing mt-sDNA utilization among colorectal cancer screening strategies from a payer perspective Hathway JM, Miller-Wilson LA, Jensen IS, Ozbay B, Regan C, Yao W, Jena AB, Weinstein MC, Parks PD
Trends in managing low-risk prostate cancer Hoffman RM, Anand S, McDowell BD, Nepple KG
A Missed Opportunity for Colorectal Cancer Screening: Waiting Companions of Patients Undergoing a Colonoscopy Gray DM, Emerson BJ, Reddy M, Zimmermann BJ, Shoben AB, Reiter PL, Katz ML
Composition of the vaginal microbiome associated with high risk HPV infection and increased risk for cervical cancer Madhivanan P, Bokulich NA, Coudray M, Colbert B, Perez DR, Krupp K, Mathee K, Narasimhan G, Caporaso G
Factors influencing discussion of cancer genetic testing with healthcare providers in a 2018 population based survey Makhnoon S, Yu R, Cunningham SA, Peterson SK, Shete S
Mammographic calcifications in LCIS: a role in future breast cancer risk? Nyante SJ, Epps C, Jordan SG, Wang, T, Ozdowski EF, Tan X, Zhu A, Lawton TJ
More than one: Evaluating intra-system variation in the implementation and impact of lung cancer screening Rendle KA, Saia CA, Horst MA, Wainwright J, Barg FK, Kontos D, Schnall MD, Vachani A.
New mammography screening performance metrics based on the entire screening episode Sprague BL, Miglioretti DL, Lee CI, Perry H, Tosteson ANA, Kerlikowske K
Financial Hardship Reported by Rural and Urban Cancer Survivors in Wisconsin Fredrick CM, Trentham-Dietz A, Chu K, Zhang X, Malecki KM, Rolland B, Kerch SC, Lecaire T, Tevaarwerk AJ, LoConte NK
Financial hardship is associated with lower uptake of colorectal, breast, and cervical cancer screenings Kasting M, Haggstrom D, Lee J, Dickinson S, Shields C, Rawl S
Interventions to Address the Financial Burden of Cancer Care: Recommendations from the Field Zahnd WE, Petermann V, Teal R, Vu M, Vanderpool RC, Rohweder C, Askelson N, Edward JE, Farris PE, Koopman Gonzalez SJ, Ko LK, Eberth JM, Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network Rural Cancer Workgroup.
Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors and Breast Cancer among Nigerian Women Tomi Akinyemiju, Kelley Jones
Attitudes toward tobacco use and interest in tobacco cessation treatment in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa Hillyer GC, Joffe M, Jacobson JS, Mmoledi K, Makhutle R, Osei-Folfie D, Mulowayi C, Masuabi B, Mapanga W, Bulman WA, Neugut AI
Gamifying Step Count to Increase Cancer Survivors’ Motivation and Physical Activity: A Randomized Controlled Feasibility Study of Steps2Health Robertson MC, Lyons EJ, Liao Y, Baum ML, Basen-Engquist KM
Beans/Bran Enriching Nutritional Eating For Intestinal health & Cancer Including Activity for Longevity Baxter BA, Beale M, Ford H, Haberecht  H, Hibbs-Ships S, Leach HJ, & Ryan EP
High-intensity interval training improves functional performance, body composition and reported quality of life in a racially diverse group of cancer survivors Beebe-Dimmer JL, Finlay DG, Ruterbusch JJ, Baird TE, McEldowney C, Simon MS, Abrams J, Harper FWK
Fatigue and Dietary Patterns Among Cancer Survivors Participating in the Women’s Health Initiative Crane TE, Kohler LN, Skiba MB, Thomson CA, Zick SM
Exercise-induced changes in sleep quality and association with insulin resistance in breast cancer survivors Dieli-Conwright C, Courneya KS, Sami N, Crane TE, Tripathy D, Buchanan TA, Spicer DV, Demark-Wahnefried W
Biomarkers associated with tumor Ki67 and Cathepsin L gene expression in prostate cancer patients participating in a weight loss trial Frugé AD, Smith KS, Bail JR, Rais-Bahrami S, Demark-Wahnefried W
Metabolic Dysfunction Among Colorectal Cancer Survivors: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Winn M, Bulsiewicz A, Karra P, Playdon M, Hardikar S
Central adiposity and the risk of invasive breast cancer: results from the Nurses’ Health Studies Houghton SC, Eliassen H, Tamimi RM, Willett WC, Rosner B, Hankinson SE
Assessing a Culinary Medicine Program to Increase Healthy Eating among Cancer Survivors and Their Caregivers James JM, Brumfield N, Wilson G, Lowman J, Bolton L, Pierce JY
Restoring Balance, a physical activity intervention for Native cancer survivors and their familial support persons (NNR.14.192) Lane T, de Heer H, Schwartz A, Charley B, Yazzie E, Yellowhair J, Hudson J, Mitchell M, Wertheim BC, Bea JW
Feasibility of Beans/Bran Enriching Nutritional Eating For Intestinal health & Cancer Including Activity for Longevity (BENEFICIAL), a pilot trial to improve healthy lifestyles among individuals at high risk for colorectal cancer Leach HJ, Baxter BB, Beale MN, Smith H, Rao S, Ryan EP
Adherence to WCRF/AICR cancer prevention guidelines and cancer outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis Lee E, Figueroa A, Durham N, López Castillo H
Physical Health Composite and Risk of Cancer Mortality Moore JX, Carter SJ, Williams V, Khan S, Lewis-Thames MW, Gilbert K, Howard G
The role of home-based exercise in maintaining muscle quality during preoperative pancreatic cancer treatment Parker NH, Gorzelitz J, Ngo-Huang A, Petzel MQB, Prakash L, Garg N, Schadler K, Fogelman D, Tzeng CW, Kim MP, Lee JE, Basen-Engquist K, Katz MHG
Randomized Trial of Weight Loss on Circulating Ghrelin Levels Among Breast Cancer Survivors Puklin LS, Cartmel B, Harrigan M, Lu L, Li F, Sanft T, Irwin ML
Smoking and Cessation Behaviors in Patients at Federally Funded Health Centers – United States, 2014 Erika S. Trapl, Brenna VanFrank, Christine Kava, Vinh Trinh, Stephanie Land, Rebecca Williams, Elizabeth Frost, Stephen Babb
Potential DNA methylation markers for breast cancer development James Castle, Nan Lin, Jingpeng Liu, Chi Wang, Chunyan He
Hepcidin-regulating iron-metabolism genes and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a pathway analysis of genome-wide association studies Julian-Serrano S, Yuan F, Benyamin B, Wheeler W, Amundadottir L, Jacobs E, Kraft P, Li D, Petersen GM, Risch HA, Wolpin B, Yu K, Klein AP, Stolzenberg-Solomon R
Serological evidence of infections is associated with extent and intensity of intra-prostatic inflammation in men without prostate cancer or indication for biopsy in the placebo arm of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial Langston ME*, Umbehr MH*, Barber JR, De Marzo AM, Goodman PJ, Nelson WG, Tangen CM, Thompson IM, Platz EA, Sutcliffe S, for the PCPT P01 investigators; *Co-first author, **A SWOG Study S9217
Incidence of second primary cancer among survivors of gynecologic cancers in the United States: A population-based study Adjei Boakye E, Osazuwa-Peters N, Grubb L, Ladage H, Lee MJ, Grabosch S.
Head and neck cancer survivors’ views of chronic nutrition impact symptom burden after radiation: a qualitative study Crowder SL, Najam N, Douglas KG, Sarma KS, Arthur AE
Symptom management interventions, costs and health care use among Latinas with breast cancer and their caregivers Badger TA, Sikorskii A, Segrin C, Givens CW
Healthcare utilization patterns among safety-net patients with cancer and multimorbidities Balasubramanian BA, Jetelina KJ, Obinwa UC, Miller ME, Higashi RT, Lee SC
A pilot intervention to understand primary care physicians’ perspectives towards survivorship care in order to improve communication between primary care and oncology. Ehsani S, Hsu P, Algotar A
Psychological Distress and Immune Alterations in Patients with Indolent B-cell-derived Neoplasms Fang CY, MacFarlane AW, Svoboda J, Cohen AD, Khan N, Barta S, Handorf EA, Fung HC, Nasta SD, Landsburg D, Fisher RI, Vogl DT, Garfall AL, LaRatta N, Campbell KS
Formative Research to Inform Smoking Cessation Initiatives in an urban Cancer Center Klassen AC, Leader A, Perera U.
Social isolation, social support, and treatment delays in breast cancer patients treated within an integrated health care system Kroenke Candyce H, ScD, MPH; Stewart Anita, PhD; Kwan Marilyn L., PhD; Gomez Scarlett L, PhD; Ergas Isaac J.; Roh Janise, MPH; Kolevska Tatjana, MD; Lee Marion, PhD; Kushi Lawrence H., ScD
Association between daily physical functioning and accelerometer-measured physical activity in colon cancer patients: An ecological momentary assessment study Liao Y, Robertson M, Demark-Wahnefried W, Peterson S, Basen-Engquist K
Sulindac Improves Stiffness and Quality of Life in Women Taking Aromatase Inhibitors for Breast Cancer Martinez JA, Stopeck AT, Wertheim BC, Roe DJ, Chalasani P, Chow HHS, and Thompson PA
Neighborhood Social Capital and Distance from Facility Predict Consenting to Participate in a Clinical Trial among Cancer Patients McIntire R, Keith S, Nowlan T, Butt S, Cambareri K, Chandrasekar T, Kelly WK, Leader A
Risk and protective factors of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use among young adult childhood cancer survivors: a longitudinal study Christopher Cappelli, PhD, MPH; Kimberly A. Miller, PhD, MPH; Anamara Ritt-Olson, PhD; Sofia Salahpour, MPH; Mary Ann Pentz, PhD; Joel E. Milam, PhD
Survivorship Care Plan Use, Preferences, and Barriers among Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors: An Integrative Review Nolan Timiya S., Arthur Elizabeth K., Wills Anne, & Kue Jennifer
Cognitively-Based Compassion Training to Improve Health-Related Quality of Life in Solid Tumor Cancer Survivors and Their Informal Caregivers: Findings from a Pilot Randomized Trial Pace TWW, Dodds S, Sikorskii A, Badger TA, Segrin C, Negi LT, Harrison T, Crane TE
HPV vaccine attitudes and practices among pediatric oncologists: a national survey Shay LA, Griimes A, Embry L
Responsive Engagement and Cessation in Cancer Health (REACCH): Preliminary Results of a Nurse Navigator Led Tobacco Cessation Program Crane TE, Slack SD, High E, Garland L, Soto J, Alvarez AA, Houston YM, Thomson CA, Gordon JS
Cardiovascular Health Assessment in the Oncology Setting: Perceptions and Knowledge of Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Breast Cancer Survivors Weaver KE, Klepin HD, Wells BJ, Dressler AV, Winkfield KM, Hundley WG, Davidson EC, Lopetegui M, Foraker RE
Results of a Pilot to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in Low-Health Literacy Patients Abbott, A., Strack, S., Ryan, G., Jones, J.
Prevalence of high-risk HPV infection among HIV-infected women undergoing cervical cancer screening in Mysore, India. Krupp K, Srinivas V, Ravi K, Khan A, Jayakrishna P, Madhivanan P,
Changes in diet quality, energy intake, and the home food environment during an adolescent behavioral weight loss intervention differ by race and food security status Adams EL, Caccavale LJ, Raynor HA, Bean MK
Adiposity change over the life course and mammographic breast density in postmenopausal women Han Y, Berkey CS, Herman CR, Appleton CM, Alimujiang A, Colditz GA, Toriola AT
Associations between sedentary behavior, blood lipids, and glucose among individuals at high risk for colorectal cancer Hidde MC, Beale MN, Lyden K, Baxter BA, Ryan EP, Leach HJ
Associations of recreational physical activity and body mass index with breast tissue composition in a cohort of African American and Hispanic women in New York City Kehm RD, Lilge L, Walter EJ, Zeinomar N, Hervstman J, Miller R, Tehranifar P, Terry MB
Effects of a One-week Intensive Health Camp on Dietary Behaviors among American Indian Youth Lopez-Pentecost M, Gachupin FC, Hazelwood R, Honanie O, Quamahongnewa J, Thomson CA.
Exploring the chemopreventive effect of a maize fiber dietary intervention to reduce colon cancer risk in rats treated with 1,2-dimethylhydrazine by water proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Mendez-Encinas M, Carvajal-Millan E, Ålvarez-Bajo O, Rasc-Chu A, Astiazar Garcia, H, Valencia-Rivera, D
Healthy cooking practices are not associated with the carotenoid content of home-prepared meals: implications for food preparation interventions among childhood cancer survivors and their families. Raber MP, Basen-Engquist K, Moran NE, Chandra J
Health Beliefs and Cancer Preventive Lifestyle Behaviors among Adult Survivors of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors: A HINTS Analysis Skiba MB, Crane TE, Jacobs ET, Kopp LM, Thomson CA
Analysis of a rare PMS1 variant identified in discordant sibling pairs from hereditary breast cancer families Landry KK, Dragon JA, Seward D, McKinnon WC, Colello L, Wallace SS, Cuke M, Wood ME
Air pollution and terminal duct lobular involution of the normal breast Niehoff NM, Keil AP, Jones RR, Fan S, Gierach GL, White AJ
T cell landscapes of colorectal adenomas Matejcic M, Khan A, Hoehn A, Schmit SL
Shift work and working at night in relation to breast cancer incidence Sweeney MR, Sandler DP, Niehoff NM, White AJ
Intratumoral heterogeneity of prognostic multigene signatures for breast cancer Wilcox AN, Hamilton A, Olsson LT, Kirk EL, Calhoun BC, Geradts J, Sherman ME, Troester MA
Does age influence self-reported symptom burden and in turn modify sedentary time in ovarian cancer survivors? McElfresh JJ, Skiba MB, Crane TE, Thomson CA
Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes Among Breast Cancer Survivors Park J, Rodriguez JL, Nichols HB, Hodgson ME, O’Brien K, Weinberg CR, Sandler DP
General and cancer-specific psychosocial outcomes among Black breast cancer survivors: Examining the role of acculturation and patient-provider communication Lake PW, Conley CC, Pal T., Sutton SK, Vadaparampil ST
Association of breast cancer risk factors and clinical characteristics with risk of contralateral breast cancer in postmenopausal breast cancer survivors in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study Ramin C., Mullooly M., Schonfeld SJ., Advani, PG., Bodelon C., Gierach GL., Berrington de Gonzalez A.
Association of Provider Type and Receipt of Preventive Health Services Among Women Who Received Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment in The Health of Women (HOW) Study Roberts MC, Srinivasan S, Klein W, Samimi G, Minasian L, Loud J, Silver MI
Does colorectal cancer site influence stress, QoL, and sleep? Ton M, Labadie JD, Malen RC, Phipps AI, Hua X, Lozano-Esparza S, Burnett-Hartman AN, Newcomb PA
A scoping review of tobacco treatment implementation research in the Veterans Health Administration LeLaurin JH, Uphold CR, Cardel MI, Salloum RG
Assessing acceptance of system-level intervention strategies to increase  cervical cancer screening and follow up among women living with HIV Rodriguez SA, Gonzalez C, Lee SC, Tiro JA
Using Concept Mapping to Understand Multi-State Perspectives about Barriers and Facilitators to HPV Vaccination Ryan GW, Askelson NM, McRee AL, Farris PE, Shannon J, Hanson JD, Kenyon DB
Negative cancer beliefs: Socioeconomic differences from the Awareness and Beliefs about Cancer Survey Sarma EA, Quaife SL, Rendle KA, Kobrin SC
Rural Adults Reactions to Colorectal Cancer Risk and Screening Information delivered by Race and Gender Concordant Virtual Health Assistants Vilaro MJ, Wilson-Howard DS, Griffin LN, Tavassoli F, Zalake MS, Lok BC, Modave FP, Carek PJ, George TJ, Krieger JL
Awareness of Helicobacter pylori infections in Navajo communities of Northern Arizona Begay R, Sanderson P, Chief C, Monroy F, Brown HE, Oren E, Harris R.
Using a process map to identify workflow and intervention points for colorectal cancer screening in community health centers DaCosta C, Bradley SM, Tucker S, Rabin BA, Hurst S, Gupta S, Liu L, Alvarez F, James A, Nodora J
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Use of cervical cancer preventive services among U.S. women aged 21-29: An analysis of the impact of the 2010 Affordable Care Act requirement for coverage of preventive services without cost-sharing Garrido CO, Coskun R, Lent A, Harris RB, & Calhoun E
Cervical cancer incidence and mortality in non-Hispanic African American and White women, United States, 1999-2015 Gopalani SV, Janitz AE, Campbell JE
Racial/ethnic differences in healthy lifestyle promotion in older cancer survivors: Data from 12 cancer centers in the Southeastern U.S. Halilova KI, Azuero A, Williams CP, Williams GR, Martin MY, Bakitas MA, Demark-Wahnefried W, Pisu M.
The effectiveness of interventions to increase mammography uptake among non-adherent Asian American women: A meta-analysis Huang L-T, Longcoy JA, Tai C-Y, Wang J H-Y, Sullivan K
Geographic Variation in the Effect of Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing on Treatment Receipt for Early-stage Prostate Cancer among Elderly Men Jayasekera J, Onukwugha E, Tom S, Pradel F, Harrington D, Naslund M
Identifying Phenotypes Associated with Advanced Disease Presentation in Breast Cancer Kim, U; Statler, A; Koroukian, S; Rose, J
Gender, Regional and Ethno-racial Disparities in HPV Vaccination Uptake within Routine Recommended Ages in the United States: an analysis of vaccination trends from 2008 to 2017 Chido-Amajuoyi OG, Talluri R, Shete S
An Assessment of Cancer Capacity and Resources in Rural Arizona Lent AB, Mohan P, Calhoun EA, Jacobs, ET
Exploring Differences in Cancer Care Values, Needs, and Preferences among Black and White Patients using Thematic Content Analysis Mitchell KR, Osborne, ML, Brassil, KJ, & Brown, RF
A claims analysis of colorectal cancer screening initiation among Medicaid enrollees who received a mailed screening intervention  O’Leary MC, Brenner AT, Reuland DS, Wheeler SB
Practice facilitation to increase HPV vaccine-promoting practices in a safety net health system Parker SL, McGee LU, Boom JA, Ressler K, Kline K, Jibaja-Weiss ML, Montealegre JR
Breast Cancer Risk Management Following Universal Risk Stratification: Impact of Risk Communication on High-Risk Clinic Visits, Chemoprevention, Genetic Counseling, and Genetic Testing Conley, CC, Augusto, B, Garcia, J, McIntyre, M, Roetzheim, R, Funaro, K, Gerke, T, Kim, J, Niell, B, Vadaparampil, ST
Insurance Status and Level of Education Predict Disparities in Receipt of Treatment and Survival for Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patel KS, Alhatem A, Gadde U, Ahlawat S, Dalla Piazza, M
Gentrification and Cancer: A Systematic Review of the Literature Pichardo, C.M., Rosas, C.E., Barraza-Gallego, K., Chebli, P., Strayhorn, S.M., Molina, Y.
Addressing Lung Cancer Health Disparities and Inequities in a Rural African American Population Sojourner SJ, Looney SW, Tingen MS
An Assessment of Clinical and Behavioral Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Black and White Breast Cancer Survivors Sutton AL, Felix AS, & Sheppard VB
Changes in racial/ethnic disparities and incidence rates of distant stage breast cancer by age, 1992-2015 Acheampong T, Kehm R, Lee Argov E, Terry, MB, Tehranifar, P
Implementation of Community-Focused Patient Navigation Program to Address Barriers to Care for Underserved Cancer Patients Ver Hoeve, E.S., High, B., Hernandez, M., Armin, J., Ali-Akbarian, L., Hamann, H.A., and Calhoun, E.
Uncovering spatial relationships of the tumor microenvironment in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study Walens A, Olsson LT, Gao X, Hamilton A, Kirk E, Hoadley KA, Calhoun BC, Troester MA
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Psychological Distress and Adherence to Mammogram Screening Recommendations:  Results from the 2018 Health Information National Trends Survey Falk, D; Noel L; Acquati C; Avis NE; Weaver KE
Circulating Fibroblast Growth Factor-21 and Odds of Metachronous Colorectal Adenoma Florea A, Kohler L, Trejo M, Jurutka P, Klimentidis Y, Harris R, Lance P, Jacobs E
 Delay to Diagnostic Colonoscopy after Abnormal FIT/FOBT Screening Results is Associatedwith Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in a Large United States Cohort San Miguel Y, Demb J, Martinez ME, Gupta S, May F
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