Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Science

Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Science

Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Science

Posting Date: 10/05/2022

Closing Date: 06/30/2023

Job Information/Description:

The American Cancer Society’s Intramural Research Post-Doctoral Fellowship Training Program
The Population Science Department is currently inviting applications for multiple post-doctoral research fellowships in cancer epidemiology, prevention and survivorship. Drawing on the expertise and mentorship of epidemiologists and behavioral scientists in the Society’s intramural research department, fellows will design and establish an innovative, independent research portfolio that aligns with the Society’s mission and research priorities. Fellows will have access to rich research resources from the Cancer Prevention Studies. These studies are large prospective cohort studies of cancer incidence and mortality, with extensive survey data, biospecimens (blood, stool, saliva, tumor tissue), Medicare and GIS linkages, accelerometry and other data sources.

Opportunities exist—but are not limited to–research fellows in the following areas: breast, gastrointestinal, or hematologic cancer; metabolomics/other ‘omics’; and/or one or more ACS mission priority areas including the role of obesity, nutrition, quality of life and health equity in cancer prevention and control. The program is designed to equip fellows with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to become independent, yet highly collaborative researchers.

As part of their training, fellows will publish manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, present their work at scientific meetings, and contribute to the foundational scientific resources of the CPS cohorts. In addition, capitalizing on the unique multidisciplinary environment at the American Cancer Society, fellows will learn skills for translating and communicating the relevance of their findings for cancer prevention to the general public and the media. These positions are available immediately, and are based at the American Cancer Society’s Research Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Fellows will receive funds for specialized training, conference travel, and biospecimen-based laboratory measurements or pilot studies involving new data collection, as applicable.

Additional Information:

Applicants must have a doctoral degree in epidemiology, behavioral science, public health, statistics/bioinformatics or a related field, as well as a track-record of publication. If you are interested, please submit a cover letter that includes a research statement and a curriculum vitae.

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Contact Information:

Contact Information: Dr. Marji McCullough, Senior Scientific Director, Population Science at [email protected] .