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Risk versus benefit of chemoprevention among raloxifene and tamoxifen users with a family history of breast cancer Anderson C, Nichols HB, House M, Sandler DP 2019 View Abstract
Heterogeneity in the prognostic value of the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio: a meta-analysis and independent cohort study. Howard R, Kanetsky PA, Egan KM 2019 View Abstract
Clinical Documentation of Tobacco Use in Pediatric Practice: Challenges and Opportunities LeLaurin JH, Theis RP, Tan ASL, Young-Wolff KC, Carter-Harris L, Thompson LA, Salloum RG 2019 View Abstract
Evaluation of provider tools for referral to cancer genetic counseling and testing for breast and ovarian cancer risk Rodriguez JL, Peipins L, Kumerow MT 2019 View Abstract
The Impact of Educational Attainment on Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Outcomes Among Rural and Border Texas Women Participating in a Patient Navigation Intervention Falk DS, Cubbin C, Jones BL 2019 View Abstract
Receipt of Health Information among Cancer Survivors Martinez Tyson D, Thompson EL, Chavez M, Sommariva S, Best AL. 2019 View Abstract
Corporate Tobacco Sales Decisions and Rural-Urban Disparities in Tobacco Retail Access in the Southeastern United States: CVS vs. the Dollar Stores Hall JH, Cho HD, Maldonado-Molina, MM, George TJ, Shenkman EA, Salloum RG 2019 View Abstract
Excess heart age among young breast cancer survivors over two-year follow-up Vo JB, Kenzik KM, Landier W, Raju D, Kirklin J, Meneses, K 2019 View Abstract
Physical activity, sitting time, and risk of myeloid neoplasms Rees-Punia E, Patel AV, Fallon EA, Gapstur SM, Teras LR 2019 View Abstract
How Do Transdisciplinary Research Approaches Support Cancer and Chronic Disease Prevention? Investigator Perspectives across two Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives Hohl SD, Neuhouser ML, Beresford SAA, Thompson B 2019 View Abstract