T32 Postdoctoral Training in Behavioral Oncology Program

Sponsoring Institution:
Moffitt Cancer Center

Region/State of Opportunity:

Types of Trainees:

Eligibility Criteria:
Terminal degree (PhD, EdD, ScD, DPH or MD) and US Citizen/legal permanent resident

The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, invites applications to its post-doctoral training program in behavioral oncology. This NCI-supported T32 interdisciplinary training program is designed to prepare fellows for careers as independent investigators engaged in research on behavioral aspects of cancer prevention, detection and control. The program combines a specialized curriculum (formal didactic training and one-on-one interactions with experienced mentors) with research experience (participation in funded studies under the guidance of an experienced investigator).

• Participate in mentored research training and T32 program activities
• Acquire a basic understanding of the prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer
• Acquire an understanding of major areas of study in behavioral oncology
• Gain expertise in methodologies needed to conduct behavior oncology research
• Critically review and evaluate research in behavioral oncology
• Acquire an understanding of fundamental issues regarding the responsible conduct of research
• Formulate a novel research question in behavioral oncology and design a methodologically sound study and grant application to answer the question
• Expand awareness of career opportunities and pathways in behavioral oncology

• Diverse faculty and transdisciplinary environment
• Trainees linked with a mentoring team
• Support for further training and professional development
• Access to resources provided by Moffitt’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
• Competitive salary and benefits
• $2500 NIH annual childcare benefit
• NIH supported program

Contact Information:
Please visit the following website for application instructions:

You may send application inquiries and curriculum vitae to:
Bianca Augusto ([email protected])

Funding Support: